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They capture the moment when a hitman gets off a motorcycle and shoots the renowned Colombian journalist Marcos Efraín Montalvo

A video captured by a security camera recorded the moment in which the renowned Colombian journalist Marcos Efraín Montalvo is assassinated in the municipality of Tuluá, in the department of Valle del Cauca.

In the recording, it is observed how a stranger gets off a motorcycle, goes to a commercial premises in the La Esperanza neighborhood, where the victim was, and shoots him repeatedly. The crime occurred on Sunday.

WARNING: The following images may hurt some people’s sensibilities.

The governor of Valle del Cauca, Clara Luz Roldán, reported on her Twitter account that together with the Police of that department she offered a reward of 100 million pesos (about 26,000 dollars) “for information that allows the capture of the authors of this reprehensible crime “.

Through the networks, the mayor of Tuluá, John Jairo Gómez Aguirre, regretted the fact and described the murder of the communicator as “vile”.

The authorities began investigations of this new crime, which occurred in the same municipality where this weekend three shot bodies were found.

Montalvo, originally from Tuluá, had an outstanding journalistic career in the region and was part of different media in the Colombian department.

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