They claim that Christian Nodal would have paid Belinda’s ex-partners to remove their tattoos

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The journalist Martha Figueroa released a report that could explain why Criss Angel and Lupillo Rivera decided to cover their tattoos.

Did Criss Angel and Lupillo Rivera remove their tattoos in honor of Belinda by their own decision or at the request of Christian Nodal? That is the question that the journalist Martha Figueroa made known in Excuse me, a program shared with Pepillo Origel.

According to Figueroa, this information had been shared with him before it was revealed that the illusionist and Rivera removed the tattoos. However, he noted, he did not give it importance until he noticed that they both did it almost at the same time.

Belinda and Nodal confirmed their engagement on May 25. By May 9, Criss Angel took to his Instagram account and shared a photo in which it was clear that God had replaced that Buy on his chest.

For his part, Lupillo would have done the same in the first days of June.

Coincidence or not, the truth is that the tattoos that both were made in honor of Belinda were highly commented when the singer began her relationship with Christian Nodal.

While Angel did not comment on the matter, Lupillo affirmed that he had a word and that the face of Buy he wouldn’t move from his left arm, why did he change his mind?

More details, in the video above.

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