They compare Sam Heughan to a classic movie hunk

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They compare Sam Heughan to a classic movie hunk

After seven years playing Jamie Fraser in Outlander, Sam Heughan He established himself as one of the actors of the moment. Thanks to the series, originally from Starz Play and now available on Netflix, the Scottish artist catapulted himself to international fame and, likewise, was able to demonstrate all his acting level and versatility to the point that he is already sought after by different productions so that participate in their projects.

That’s why, in addition to still being Jamie in the sixth and seventh seasons of Outlander, Sam Heughan Take advantage of the moments of rest to internalize in other challenges. Although, at present, he is on vacation after finishing the filming of part six of the fiction, on more than one occasion he has focused on continuing to work.

Sam Heughan on his vacation in Mexico. Photo: (@samheughan)

So much so that, in his resume there is already more than one feature film released or with a date for already confirmed and, one of them, is To Olivia. Directed by John Hay, this film tells the story of the tumultuous marriage between actress Patricia Neal and the famous writer Roald Dahl (Matilda) where Heughan will play the iconic Paul Newman.

As the story goes, Neal and Dahl retire to the English countryside after the death of their daughter, Olivia. However, in the few images that were known of the tape, it was precisely Sam who attracted a lot of attention since He was characterized as Newman and, it was the incredible resemblance between them that surprised his fans.

Radically changing profile after Outlander, Sam Heughan It went viral on social networks after making these snapshots public. And, speaking to The Scottish Sun, the Scottish star confessed: “when I found out about this I thought “it’s a huge role to accept”. Paul Newman is an icon and there are a lot of these biopics that actors don’t take months to prepare for, but years to prepare.”.

And then he added: “I was working with Outlander at the time and only had two months to prepare, but I made the leap”. However, as for what many think about the resemblance between him and Paul Newman, Heughan assured: “I don’t look alike, he is a very striking guy, but it was about replicating his essence, the fact that he was a heavy smoker, he smoked from one side of his mouth and that makes you speak differently”.

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