They compare the ending of The Kissing Stand 3 with 13 Reasons Why

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The Kissing Stand 3 premiered this Wednesday on Netflix and already has the conclusions from the fans. The movie came with huge expectations, but it couldn’t please everyone: there are strong critics and they even compare the ending with the one that had 13 Reasons Why. What is it about?

The film starring Joey King, Joel Courtney, Jacob Elordi and Taylor Zakhar Perez hit the platform on August 11 and what it can boast of is that it is already a trend. It is number 1 worldwide and its fury is repeated in absolutely all of Latin America: it is the most viewed from Mexico to Argentina.

However, being so massive there are opinions for all tastes and the film was not without strong criticism. After a long wait, it is finally known what happened between Elle and Noah and what was the fate of their relationship. The result did not satisfy everyone because a part of the fans was unhappy with the resolution of the plot.

The last scene was among what puzzled fans the most because they think it was an ambiguous ending. The closing shot has Elle and Noah on their motorcycles down the road approaching each other. Nevertheless, It is not clear if they will be together again or it is a new beginning. Negative comments even compared the film to 13 Reasons Why, which had a disappointing ending to its season 4.

The trend in the qualifiers also goes in the direction of disappointment. IMDB gave him just 5,1/10, while Rotten Tomatoes only has 50 reviews but they are lapidary: they gave it a 18% of approval. For its part, Metacritic followed the same line and awarded 65 points / 100.

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Criticisms at the end of The Kissing Stand 3


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