They confirm that Christopher Nolan started thinking about his next movie

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Christopher Nolan He is one of the most sought-after directors today. His films always stand out for the technical aspect and the precision with which each of the shots is filmed. For the director, the detail is not negotiated, and fictions such as Interstellar or the recent Tenet they show it. To this, we must add his special relationship with time and how this element adds to his films.

After a somewhat questioned premiere, that of Tenet, not only because it barely raised 363 million dollars against the 200 it cost to do it, Nolan he’s ready for his next movie. This was confirmed from Deadline where they gave some details among which one stood out that could change the course of this director’s career. Apparently, the pandemic not only complicated the income of his latest film but one of the most important employment relationships he had.

Christopher Nolan he would have circulated the script for his next film through different studios. Unlike his previous projects, which were all premiered by Warner Bros. Pictures, the libretto would no longer have the exclusive look of Warner. Deadline explained that this has to do with the studio’s decision to make hybrid premieres, in cinemas and through HBO Max, something to which Nolan he flatly objected.

Robert Pattinson was one of Tenet’s figures. (IMDb)

The next movie by Christopher Nolan will be set in the Second World War, as it already happened in Dunkirk. The media reported that the director wants to tell the story of Robert Oppenheimer, one of the main responsible for the creation of the atomic bomb. People say that Cillian Murphy could be the protagonist of this production and return to work with the director as he did in two of the films of Batman and the aforementioned Dunkirk.

Cillian Murphy’s experience in Batman

Before becoming Jonathan Crane, The Scarecrow, Cillian Murphy was about to have another role in the movies of Christopher Nolan. The protagonist of Peaky Blinders revealed that he was submitted for consideration as Batman. She went so far in the casting that she even had a costume fit, which could be seen in the special version of the trilogy of The Dark Knight which was launched in 2013.

peaky blinders cillian murphy tomhas shelby

Murphy prepares for the final season of Peaky Blinders. (IMDb)

“I remember that time very, very fondly. But I never really considered myself for Bruce Wayne, assured Muprhy. “I don’t think I came close to landing the role of Batman. The only suitable actor at the time was Christian Bale, And he achieve it. For me it was just an experience that later became The Scarecrow and a working relationship with Nolan, he sentenced.

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