They create a smart perfume with 100 fragrances that you choose from an app

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In a scene from Total Challenge -the good one, the one with Uncle Arnold, not the other-, a secretary personalized her nails by changing color in an instant, in what today we would see as smart nails. That idea seems a bit far off, but when you see things like crowdfunding, suddenly it doesn’t seem so much … Because they have even invented even smart perfumes.

NiNU smart perfume

Imagine a standard size bottle of perfume, with its applicator in spray format. But here comes the ‘plot twist‘, because when you hit the applicator, the perfume can give you a different fragrance each time you press it. And so on up to 100, because it is not an ordinary perfume, but intelligent. A real and physical perfume but customizable through a mobile application.

Smart Fragance de NINU, a Slovenian company, has been presented through the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, where with a month to go to the end of the campaign, it has already exceeded its funding target and achieved more than 44,000 euros to date.

This device, in the shape of a bottle and black or reddish in color, seeks that users can choose to change their perfume whenever they want, for example with the arrival of a new season, when they go on a trip or depending on the time of day.

Choose the fragrance through a mobile app

But how does NINU work? How can a single bottle of perfume drop 100 different fragrances? The key is that Each bottle contains inside with three fragrance bases of 25 milliliters each:

  • Fresco
  • Sexy
  • Elegant
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These can be used independently or in combination according to percentage and intensity to get up to 100 different fragrances, for both men and women, with the help of an application that you install on your mobile.

An AI that suggests perfumes to you

In this way, you can become a whole Jean Baptiste Grenuille of modern life, mixing and creating fragrances through the smartphone that are then translated into what the perfume bottle puts out.

As if that weren’t enough, the mobile app has AI functions capable of suggesting new fragrance combinations, based on your tastes. For those who are curious to know how much it is worth, NINU already allows one of its Smart Fragrances to be reserved from 169 euros and, after the end of the financing campaign scheduled in January, the company expects to start shipping the devices to buyers from June 2022.


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