They criticize the suit of Japan in Miss Universe, which mixed urban fashion with national symbols and the pattern of the costume of the dead

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The clothing that the representative of Japan wore last week in the Miss Universe pageant provoked an avalanche of criticism among her compatriots, who described it as an “insult”, says a recent article in the newspaper. Japan Times.

The attire of Juri Watanabe, pink and sequined, combined features of the traditional kimonos with urban fashion Harajuku. It was decorated on the sleeves with the national flag and included a yellow belt with the chrysanthemum flower, the Japanese imperial emblem. Watanabe also had the word ‘Japan’ drawn on his chest with ‘kanji’ characters.

Its designer, the Israeli Aviad Arik Hernan, assures that his objective was to pay tribute to the Japanese culture, on the occasion of the 70 years of diplomatic relations between Japan and Israel. However, in social networks, many people did not see the modern mix of national symbols and stereotypes.

Criticisms were directed at the costume’s ‘kawaii’ style – a Japanese popular culture term that translates to ‘cute’ or ‘tender’ – and the decision to display something as solemn as the seal of the imperial family in a beauty pageant. . In addition, tattoos are taboo in the country, so the one that the model wore on her chest did not fascinate her compatriots either. The more conservative were upset because the lapels of the kimono were crusades from right to left, something that is usually done when dressing the dead.

“Use this symbol [el crisantemo] together with the pattern of the costume of the dead it seems incredible to me. It’s a horrible insult, “” it’s a style worn by the deceased, so many Japanese find it very uncomfortable “, were some opinions.

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Other users felt that the designer “misunderstood” Japanese culture. However, in the midst of all that disapproval, some they defended Hernan’s effort and creativity and his decision not to opt for traditional clothing and ideas.

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