They crossed again! Neymar again in La Casa de Papel

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Since its worldwide launch in Netflix years ago, The Money Heist has collected fans around the world. It is that everyone was trapped from the first episodes with this series loaded with adrenalin and tension. Heists, plans that seem perfect, explosions and even romances were the key to getting a great reception from the public. Such is the case, that several famous they have confessed to being series fans.

One of them was Neymar, the Brazilian soccer player who, since he saw the fiction on the streaming platform, revealed to be an great follower. After sharing this enormous passion for red monkey robbers on several occasions, it was the same producers of the series who invited him to have a cameo in one of the seasons. And now, they crossed again.

In the third part of The Money Heist, Neymar had a small participation as a monk of the monastery where The teacher and Berlin they planned the great robbery of the Bank of Spain. Many did not find out about his performance on the series: when the episodes were released, that scene had been removed. By then, the footballer had been reported for rape and the streaming platform preferred to wait for the case to be resolved in court.

Finally, the San Pablo prosecutor’s office filed the accusation due to lack of evidence, so the red N re-uploaded the episodes with the participation of Neymar included. So that no one misses it, they shared it on their social networks and on their YouTube channel. If you want to see it, you just have to look for the chapters 6 and 8, where you will find the athlete laughing at himself and pointing out that he does not like football or parties.

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In 2019, the player of the Paris Saint Germain wrote on Twitter: “Could fulfill my dream and be part of my favorite series. And now I can share João with all of you #new”. But the connection between Neymar and The Money Heist it doesn’t end there. Alert spoiler! In one of the episodes of the fifth season released yesterday, some hostages manage to access the entire arsenal that the robbers hide to defend themselves in the Bank. Arturito, the character least loved by the public, remarks upon finding that great help to free himself from the kidnapping: “We have Messi, Neymar and Cristiano Ronaldo!”.

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