They decide to clean and restore an old mirror and discover an accidental treasure trove of family memories inside.

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A girl discovered that an old mirror that adorned her aunt’s house, and that accompanied several generations, had accidentally become a trunk of old family memories.

This Russian ‘tiktoker’ shared her story in a video published this week on the social network and according to her account it all started when one day her aunt decided to clean the mirror and restore the thick frame where it was embedded. After separating both parts, he realized that the interior of the wooden casing was hollow and that inside a pile of old photographs, letters, and cards, among other relics, had accumulated.

Apparently, his grandparents and great-grandparents, who lived in that same house in the city of Moscow, had the habit of putting all kinds of things on the mirror edge as a reminder, which ended up sliding into their empty interior space and accumulating by years without anyone noticing. “A huge greeting from the past was being stored all this time behind this mirror,” he says.

Portraits of relatives that the author of the recording did not recognize, Soviet postcards, a payment receipt from 1957 and an invitation to the elections of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR in 1946, were some of the jewels rescued. Among what most caught her attention is a letter written by her great-grandfather to her daughter (her grandmother) when she was still a child.


Here is a greeting from the distant past. Inst alex_tabachkova ## rivers## I want a message## recommendations

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