They destroy the Lady Di musical that premiered on Netflix

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The long history that maintains the british crown It has been a source of inspiration for dozens of scriptwriters and directors who launch projects under this theme. On Netflix, a lot of options in the catalog can prove it: series, films and documentaries focused on royalty they have a good reception from the spectators. The Crown, Fiction most awarded from the streaming giant, is the perfect example.

Throughout its four seasons, the series created by Peter Morgan chronicles the political rivalries and romance of the Queen isabel II, as well as the events that shaped the second half of the 20th century. Through its cast, figures such as Claire Foy, Olivia Colman, Helena Bonham Carter y Gillian Anderson, among other. However, one of the latest additions has won the affection of the people: it is about Emma Corrin, who played Lady Di.

Diana Spencer, princess of Gales, it meant a before and after in the British royal family. its activism, its private life so exposed and its sudden death They made her an iconic that goes far beyond her relationship with Carlos, the heir to the throne. For this reason, Netflix produced a musical that leaves out the rest of the family and has her in her main role.

The theatrical drama based on the life of Lady Di had its premiere in March 2019 in California and a year later it reached Broadway with the music and lyrics of David Bryan y Joe DiPietro. However, the coronavirus pandemic ruined the plans and the theater had to close its doors. In this way, the red N saw the opportunity to record an exclusive function with Jeanna de Waal as the Princess of Wales and thus make it known worldwide.

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Since last week, Diana is already available on Netflix with a cast that is completed with Judy Kaye like Queen Elizabeth II, Ron Hartrampf like Prince Charles and Erin Davie cLike Duchess Camila. In November of this year, it will have its rerun on Broadway and aims to be a success. Nevertheless, the first opinions of those who enjoyed the production are terrible. “The Princess Diana musical on Netflix it’s rubbishdon’t waste your time”Wrote one of the users and generated a wave of criticism very different from what happened with The Crown. Check out some of the opinions here!

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