They didn’t want to see each other: this is how Joey King and Jacob Elordi got along in The Kissing Stand 3

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The Kisses Stand ended his movie trilogy a few days ago with the last premiere on the streaming service Netflix, where it is already positioned as one of the most viewed content. As fans know Joey King Y Jacob Elordi They crossed the screen with a romance that lasted until before the first sequel, so they were in two films as an ex-partner. How did they get along in the third?

The interpreters of Elle and Noah met in 2017, on the set of the first feature film of the youth saga. More than once they have stated that they both looked like friends and there was no love at first sight, but after spending a lot of time together they realized that there was an attraction and They formalized the couple in February 2017 with a photo on Instagram.

Despite the enthusiasm of his followers for having one of the most beloved courtships of the moment, the story came to an end in 2018 and at the moment there is no particular reason why they decided to separate. The truth is that the sequel to El Stand de los Besos arrived and they had to get together again, where she admitted that “it was a sacrifice”.

+ How did they get along in The Kissing Stand 3?

Taking into account the aforementioned, the young people were facing a new challenge to share the filming once again. On the occasion of the release of the film, Joey King He published a series of behind-the-scenes records on his official Instagram account, where a large part of the cast appears. Obviously, who does not have a second of prominence in Jacob Elordi, and that is why it is believed that during the recordings they tried to evade each other so as not to feel discomfort.

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In the same way, they could not avoid joining in several scenes that they surely did not want to do, but they made their professionalism clear without caring about their personal life. Joey King She is currently in a relationship with Steven Piet, while Jacob Elordi is with Kaia Gerber, so what happened in these years will remain an anecdote for both, if they do not meet again in the future.

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