They discover a military monument from the Bronze Age near the current Norwegian F-35 fighter base used by NATO (and had the same purpose)

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A large burial mound from the Bronze Age has been unearthed in the Norwegian county of Trondelag, which is home to the US-produced F-35 stealth fighter air base and where many NATO exercises are also carried out, reports the national broadcaster. NRK.

According to specialists, the purpose of the huge mound, some 3,000 years old, was to warn potential attackers, much like today’s battle station.

Hidden under moss and brush, experts have not yet been able to identify the actual dimensions of the military monument. “The formidable burial mound is much larger than previously thought. Now we have discovered 40 meters in diameter and we have not yet uncovered it to the end […] It had exactly the same function as the current military base, “noted historian Daniel Johansen, emphasizing the deterrent role of both facilities.

The statements take into account the strategic location of the mound, located at the mouth of the Trondheim Fjord, supervising its entry and exit. It was clearly visible from the sea, so any potential assailant would have thought twice before proceeding with an attack, according to a local archaeologist Knut Stomsvik.

Around 3,000 years ago, Norway had just passed from the Stone Age to the Bronze Age. There are no written sources from this time, and who erected the mound is still up for debate.

For his part, Johansen suggested that the find unveiled other details of the town’s history, also known for its connections to historical figures from the Viking age such as Ola Tryggvason and Olaf II the Holy, the kings of Norway who played a role. important for the nation to embrace Christianity.

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