They discover a new hidden account in Switzerland linked to the former Spanish monarch Juan Carlos I

The investigation carried out by the Swiss prosecutor Yves Bertossa, which investigates alleged illicit activities of the former Spanish monarch Juan Carlos I, has found a second hidden account linked to the king emeritus in the Credit Suissse bank.

The true owner of the deposit would be a member of the Juan Carlos family environment, according to informs El Confidencial, who has had access to judicial documents of the case.

The account was opened in the same financial institution that the Zagatka Foundation used to hide assets presumably belonging to the former Spanish king until 2015. It is in the name of a Panamanian offshore company, Lactuva SA, which, according to the newspaper, would be front men of the firm “specialized in setting up opaque networks” that constituted the commercial company with which the monarch collected 100 million euros from Saudi Arabia.

According to the investigations, the ex-monarch would have ordered economic operations to help a relative, transfers that would have been executed by the Swiss consultant Arturo Fassana, who carried out three payments from Zagatka to Lactuva in 2008.

Accumulation of investigations

For its part, the Office of the Supreme Court of Spain currently maintains several different investigations open on the hidden wealth of Juan Carlos I.

To try to avoid possible criminal responsibilities, the emeritus king presented two tax regularizations. The first took place in December 2020 and with it paid almost 700,000 euros in relation to the case of the opaque cards, which both the former head of state and other members of his family used for at least three years, between 2016 and 2018.

The second took place in February 2021. Then the ex-monarch paid more than 4 million euros, corresponding to the tax obligations derived from the receipt of eight million euros in flights operated by a private jet company.

Despite this, they still run their course two other court cases. One investigates the fortune hidden in switzerland and that it would have its origin in an illegal commission of 100 million euros paid by Saudi Arabia for the concession of the contract to build the high-speed train from Mecca to Medina.

Another cause has to do with the finding of another fortune on the island of jersey, worth around 10 million euros, although in this case the king emeritus strongly denies that it is his.

Exiled from Spain and separated from the Royal Family

Juan Carlos I left Spain on August 3. It is installed in a super luxury hotel on Nurai island, 15 minutes by boat from Abu Dhabi.

After several scandals, the former monarch abdicated in 2014. His son, Felipe VI, announced in March 2020 that he was renouncing a future inheritance from his father and withdrew the assignment. public of 200,000 euros per year that he enjoyed.

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