They discover a plane that crashed more than 50 years ago at the bottom of a lake in California

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Descubren en el fondo de un lago en California una avioneta que se estrelló hace más de 50 años

An underwater sonar survey detected a small plane at the bottom of Lake Folsom, near the US city of Sacramento.

The discovery was made possible by a drought, which resulted in a drop in the water level. The device was located in one of the deepest points, pick up the local channel Fox40.

“We saw something in the background that appears to be man-made, and that’s when we said, ‘There’s definitely something there,’ and maybe it’s the plane.” He said John Tamplin, president of the company Seafloor Systems, which found the device, in statements to CBS.

The remains likely belong to a Piper Comanche 250 plane, which fell into the lake on New Year’s Day 1965. At that time, only the body of the pilot was found, and the three passengers on board are still missing.

In 2014, searches for the plane were reactivated, but to no avail. Now, with the recovery of the remains of the device, the case could be ended. The operation is dependent on the decision of the Placer County Sheriff’s Office.

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