They discover a secret in the end of Metal Gear Solid 23 years later

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In 1998 -1999 in Europe- one of the great games of all time, as it is, would come to the first PlayStation Metal Gear Solid. Hideo Kojima surprised locals and strangers with an espionage title where stealth and tactics were more important than aim, and with a marked cinematographic character that the Japanese creative would take as a hallmark for the rest of his career. But not only that: it was also a game full of surprises, so many, that even one of them was discovered just a few days ago, and is hidden in a scene near the end of the game.

A new surprise more than two decades later

Obviously, and despite having already passed more than two decades since the release of Metal Gear Solid, we have to warn of spoilers, since we are talking about a crucial moment in the adventure. This scene is the chase in the tunnel aboard the car armed with a machine gun attached to the one in command of Snake. As seen in this video from the user Bad Humans, especially active in Konami matters, by switching the controller to port 2 on the console, it would be possible to control enemy soldiers during this scene.

It is a mechanic similar to combat against Psycho Mantis, a particularly shocking moment as it is one of the most popular in history in which the fourth wall has been broken, that is, the game has communicated in some way with the player directly, not with the character he controls. In this confrontation, it was also necessary to change the port command to prevent the villain from reading Snake’s mind, which transferred to the game, became the absolute impossibility of hitting a single shot.

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This is just one more detail of the dozens of a game that marked a milestone at the time, and which would be followed by up to four more main installments, in addition to numerous spin-offs. The last of them is Metal Gear Survive, a Konami experiment without Kojima in the company that went through with more pain than glory, currently leaving the franchise in a hiatus that does not seem to have an immediate end.


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