They filter a video that would show how a British F-35 crashes in the Mediterranean after a failed takeoff from the aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth

A video has appeared on social networks this Monday that supposedly shows the moment in which an F-35B Lightning fighter crashes in Mediterranean waters after a failed takeoff from HMS Queen Elizabeth, the flagship aircraft carrier of the British Royal Navy.

In the images, which would have captured the event on November 17, you can see how the pilot ejects from the aircraft before descending to the sea with a parachute seconds after taking off from the military ship during “routine flight operations” .

For its part, a spokesman for the UK Defense Ministry said that the authorities are “aware of a video circulating on the Internet”, stressing that “it is too early to comment on the possible causes of this incident”. pick up Daily Mail.

According detailed Last week a source to The Sun, it is believed that the new generation plane of the British Royal Air Force – which can take off at a short distance and land on the carrier and is valued at about 135 million dollars – crashed because before the take off a rain cover had not been properly removed, which was absorbed by the aircraft engine.

The source noted that the fighter pilot realized the problem and tried to abort takeoff, but could not stop the plane before it reached the end of the carrier’s runway. In addition, he said that the naval personnel detected the problem “almost immediately”, since the rules regarding the removal of covers and engines before flights are “extremely strict”.

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