They find in Spain an amulet of the Egyptian goddess Hathor of about 3,000 years old

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A group of archaeologists has found an amulet and necklace beads of Hathor – the Egyptian goddess of joy, motherhood and love – about 3,000 years old in a site on the Cerro de San Vicente in Salamanca (Castilla y León, Spain ), reported this Sunday local media.

The find was carried out by a team of archaeologists from the University of Salamanca and the City Council of this city and is the result of a series of archaeological works that began in the 1990s.

The pieces are believed to have been manufactured around 1,000 BC (BC) in Ancient Egypt or in Phoenician factories of the time. The material used for its elaboration is a quartz ceramic called faience that the Egyptians used to use for their handicrafts and that stands out for the characteristic color blue that have the beads found.

Carlos Macarro, archaeologist from that City Council, explains that the objects illustrate “the commercial exchange that took place at the beginning of the Iron Age – between 900 and 400 BC – in the Iberian Peninsula”, specifically in what was Salamanca and later the Via de la Plata.

Outstanding economic position

Experts consider that the objects came through Phoenician merchants who sought to “exchange products with the indigenous people of this area”, a very important commercial enclave in the Iberian Peninsula at that time.

In general, this type of amulets or figures are found in necropolises, although on this occasion the discovery has taken place in what was the house of a great lord of the time, who is supposed to have been a major metal trader.

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“That they have appeared in this house can show that the owner had to have a prominent economic and social position, because he was the only one who could have traded in those pieces,” said Macarro.

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