They found a woman with amnesia, alone and injured on a bear island

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A strange situation and one that the authorities are trying to determine gained all the public attention in Croatia. It is that a woman of about 60 years was found injured this week in a rocky area of ​​the isla the Krk, in that country. But the strangest thing about the situation is that the woman does not remember anything about her life, not even her name, and when she was found she did not carry documentation or a mobile phone with her.

As specified by various international media, the woman who mysteriously appeared on the island is 1.62 meters tall, is blonde with blue eyes, speaks English perfectly (“like a teacher”, say the authorities), but nothing more is known about her life nor does she remember how she got there .

Apparently the woman it would have been perceived by a fisherman from a rocky area covered in blood. This person was the one who immediately notified the authorities. Subsequently, a team of 14 people used 4×4 vehicles and walked three kilometers through an area of ​​uneven rocks to rescue her.

Upon reaching the site, rescuers found the woman covered in blood. When asked about this situation, she replied that she had no idea how she got to that island. In addition, he did not have a passport, papers, or telephone. She was reportedly dehydrated from spending several hours in the open. The rescue team revealed that the woman was so weak that she could barely take a sip of water.

In this sense, the authorities specified that he incredibly managed to survive several nights in this place despite the fact that in that area of ​​the island there are Bears and boars.

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“It is strange that she was in this area. It is a part of the bay extremely inaccessible with terribly sharp rocks, literally knives that cut the rubber of your shoes ”, revealed a member of the rescue team after finding the woman.

“There is no life or animals except perhaps wild boars and bears that know how to swim here in search of food, but this is a rarity because there is no food, nothing. A woman of that age certainly could not swim that distance, she needs exceptional strength ”, they specified about the woman’s situation.

Given the strange situation and her state of total confusion, the authorities have disseminated the image of the woman to see if someone recognizes her and they can find her relatives and finally reveal the mystery of how this person came to that unpopulated island.

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