They found in a statue what would be the most wanted time capsule in the US

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A set of american workers, who are finishing removing a gigantic pedestal that supported an embossed statue in honor of the Confederate General Robert E. Lee, en Richmond, made a discovery that appears to be a long-sought second time capsule for American history.

The Governor of the State of Virginia, Ralph Northam, posted on his personal Twitter account a series of photos of a box and explained that the curators were studying it. “They have found her! It’s probably the time capsule everyone was looking for.” Say the message you shared. The box is scheduled to be opened Tuesday afternoon, but the condition of the contents is unknown.

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This is the most recent turn and one of the most important in the search for the time capsule, which according to the journalistic versions of the time, it was laid there during a groundbreaking ceremony in 1887, which was attended by thousands of people.

In those articles found in the media of that time also they took it upon themselves to describe the dozens of artifacts that were donated by citizens, including Confederate memorabilia. Based on this series of historical records, some experts have also speculated that the capsule could contain a rare photo of President Abraham Lincoln already dead.

Devon Henry, the company-owned contractor supervising the plinth removal, stated that the box was found inside a granite enclosure that was nearly at ground level, which was surrounded by fill and other construction materials.

The workers removed the upper part of the enclosure and found the box, which appeared to be made of copper, submerged in water.

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State curators spent several days working around the box and treating it with caution, but have not yet confirmed what objects were found inside.

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