They go out to vaccinate house by house: the announcement of the Province of Buenos Aires to stop the Delta variant

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Axel kIicillof with the Minister of Health Nicolás Kreplak (Photo: NA).

The Buenos Aires government announced that it will deploy five mobile vaccinations to make “House-to-house vaccination” and “reaching this small percentage of the population” that has not yet been vaccinated against the coronavirus, either due to mistrust or for other reasons.

“We have worked to be able to have groups that function as mobile vaccinations and to be able to enter territories where we are detecting a lower percentage of vaccination and vaccinate house by house,” said Kreplak during a press conference at the Government House of the province of Buenos Aires.

“There are still people who are not convinced or are going to get vaccinated, since everyone over 18 can do it freely in the Province of Buenos Aires. We still have part of the population that is not vaccinated, and although they are few, they are those who enter the hospitals “, said the Minister of Health Nicolás Kreplak.

According to the Province, it turned five groups into vaccinations to gain access to popular neighborhoods and rural areas. Will be deployed starting this wednesday in the parties of Tres de Febrero, San Miguel, La Matanza, Lanús and San Isidro.

“We are already starting from tomorrow, the vaccination in the houses of certain territories where we are detecting a smaller percentage of the population to start the vaccination schemes,” said Kreplak.

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The minister also highlighted another initiative, that of the sanitary train, which will be in the towns of Sánchez and Villa Ramallo between Tuesday and Thursday.

In addition, the vaccination posts continue to operate in the train stations of:

  • San Isidro (Miter Line)
  • San Miguel (San Martín Line)
  • José C. Paz (San Martín Line)
  • Florencio Varela (Rock Line)
  • Quilmes (Rock Line)
  • González Catán (South Belgrano Line).

“A marked increase in speed is consolidated in the decline in cases, which has its correlation also in hospitalizations and deaths,” said the Minister of Health and attributed the trend, which has been going on for 12 weeks, to the vaccination campaign.

There is an 81% decrease relative to peak that was seen when we had 12,000 cases on a weekly daily average ”, he specified. “We are now at 2247,” Kreplak added.

We have breached the valley floor that we had in February, which had been 2325, after the regrowth of summer. It is the week with the fewest cases in the year”, He celebrated.

Likewise, the official stressed that this This week was the one with the fastest decrease in cases in the Province, 26%, when in the previous three weeks it was 8%.

Delta variant

Kreplak indicated that at the moment 44 cases of the Delta variant, 42 of them in international travelers (the last case was on 8/5/2021) and 2 in cases associated with imports, for which he considers that no community circulation of this most contagious strain. Of the cases, 43 cases have already completed their isolation.

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On the other side of General Paz, the Buenos Aires Minister of Health Fernan Quirós He warned this morning that “the Delta variant is very close to having community circulation.”

“It always has a few first weeks in which it increases in quantity (of infections) and for the fourth, fifth and sixth week begins to be the predominant variant. That is where it is capable of causing a little more contagion and even a third wave”He warned. “That is why we have to work on completing the vaccination,” he insisted.

Kreplak insisted on the need for people to be inoculated given that “there is still a population that is not vaccinated, which are few”, and remarked that “98% of the people who had received Sputnik as the first dose agreed to combine” another drug such as second dose.

We are in a time of better sanitary conditions due to the effectiveness of vaccines. If there is a new wave, it may no longer be as serious as the previous one. We believe that gradually more activities can be started. We are waiting to be able to inoculate the minors ”, he concluded.

Massive events in the Province

During the conference, Chief of Staff Carlos Bianco said that the province of Buenos Aires will allow events in the open air and also in closed spaces. of up to a thousand people.

“You can hold social, cultural, artistic events, etc. up to a thousand people in open spaces and in closed spaces complying with a capacity of 70% of the capacity enabled for those spaces, but always taking as a maximum limit a thousand people, with a protocol that we will be presenting as an annex to the resolution tomorrow, ”the official explained.

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The measure does not include sporting events, so the fans will still not be able to return to the courts. “Public sporting events are not yet authorized,” the official reported.

The province’s chief of staff also announced that on Wednesday a decree will be signed in the district to unify the closing hours of bars. It will be until 3 in the morning.

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