They have a secret cave: the creepy apartment that some young students rented – MAG.

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Some students rented a house in which they live while they are studying at the university. After this, they decided to share images of the house in the red social china Tik Tok for, immediately, go viral. Once millions of people saw the material, the vast majority of them began to question whether it is legal for a place to be rented in such conditions.

The video is titled “Things from my house at the university that just make sense” which shows a home in terrible condition, a scenery that looks like something out of a horror movie set, which shocked millions of Internet users.

The first thing we come across is a flimsy wooden door, which leads to a room that the youth group has dubbed “Cave”, which is nothing more than a narrow corner made of cement, in which, with the joust, a chair can fit.

The recording continues to show “The garden”, which would become a small patio in which a solitary staircase that rests on the wall is located. The tour continues with the “Shower of the cave with sunlight”; a curious name used to describe the bathroom, where you can only see a shower tap in a corner made of pure cement, accompanied by a circular-shaped ceiling window.

On the other hand, the room has a boiler filled with wood. “A room that is not a fire hazard”says one of the boys about it. In a room, you can see a round-shaped window, in which birds sometimes perch, sometimes to build their nests.

However, what most disturbed users of Tik Tok It was when the attic room that is tightly closed was shown, added to a myriad of cables that can be noticed in more than strange positions.

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The video, so far, has exceeded the 1.1 million views on TIk Tok, generating comments of outrage from the users of this virtual platform.

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