They mistakenly buy a destroyed mansion and have been working on its remodeling for three years

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A young man British He went to an auction with the aim of buying an apartment that he had seen with his girlfriend, but by mistake ended up buying a mansion that was more than a century old and that was in a complete state of abandonment.

Callum Hunter, 28, and his girlfriend Claire Segeren, 26, invested their life savings in “a six-bedroom house” located in the town of Dunoon, Scotland, and believed they had made the best deal out of their lives. lives; However, their surprise was great when a man who was sitting a few meters away asked them a simple question.

“But did you see what you just bought?”the subject asked Callum, who had no idea that he had purchased for 10,000 pounds (a little over 13,000 US dollars) a Victorian mansion in which none of those present had shown interest.

The young man explained that one of the reasons he made an offer was the low amount they were asking for the house. During the auction, his hand was the only one up, making him an automatic homeowner. In addition, he said in conversation with the medium that the number with which the building was identified during the auction did not coincide with the number of the brochure that he had in his hand. Apparently, because “they added it at the last minute.”

Added to this is the fact that Callum could not fully understand the auctioneer due to his accent. “I had a hard time following him”, he assured.

However, far from trying to get rid of the mansion, the couple focused all their efforts on transforming it into a home, a task that was far from easy not only because of its age, but also because they had only bought half the house.

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For six months, they were trying to acquire the other two units and, finally, they succeeded. With their last savings, they bought a mobile home that they lived in while working on the house every day.

“After three years, they have been able to change the face of the mansion into the shape of a real castle.” It’s hard work, but we both learned a lot. Taking on so many things helped us grow as people. We learned everything from masonry to computer design software, plumbing and electrical ”Hunter says. “Also, we created an Instagram so Claire’s family could keep up to date.”.

The couple’s story captivated the internet. Thanks to the photos that show the incredible before and after the building, they have managed to exceed 280 thousand followers. In addition, they feel very comfortable in their new home not only because of its new appearance, but also because of the support they have received from the neighbors.

“The neighbors welcomed us with open arms. They offer us soup to eat and lend us tools. This is a special place. If you accidentally had to buy a house, you couldn’t have done it in a better place. “Callum concludes.

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