They offer a thousand dollars to see Grey’s Anatomy!

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The Meredith Gray story in the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital He moved audiences around the world with emotional stories about doctors and interns who live their achievements, loves, failures and decisions, getting fans to identify with these characters who have been on screen for 17 seasons. In reality, the protagonists of the show are renewed year after year. Grey’s Anatomy has the ability to feel fresh from 2005 to this part.

The different batches of episodes faced Meredith and their colleagues with difficult decisions when it comes to treating patients who are on the edge while those responsible for saving them live with their emotional conflicts. The performances are convincing and manage to catch the audience that can’t get enough of this show that is one of the greatest hits of all time.

How much of a fan are you of Grey’s Anatomy?

The followers of the show were shocked with the last installment of the series that showed the complications of the pandemic by del COVID-19 and they became aware of the tireless task of doctors facing this crisis of inexhaustible consequences. Point in favor for the creation of Shonda Rhimes, which helped many people to value the task of health professionals.

How fanatic are you of Grey’s Anatomy? The question gains relevance because a company decided to award one thousand dollars to the person who is willing to marathon the more than 300 episodes of the program. NiceRx is a drug company that seeks to identify the “superfan” of the series and, in addition, reward him with an important variety of goodies.

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The lucky winner of this competition must indicate which character on the show saved the most lives in the 16-year history of the show: ¿Meredith Grey o Miranda Bailey? So if you are an ultra fan of Grey`s Anatomy, you have a lot of time to be in front of the television and you keep track of the patients that these doctors have saved … A thousand dollars are waiting for you!

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