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They present in the USA the concepts of a military aircraft similar to the convertiplane capable of reaching high speeds

The American aerospace company Bell Textron has presented several design concepts for a new class of vertical take-off and landing aircraft for military use that, unlike traditional convertiplanes, will be able to fly at more than 740 kilometers per hour.

This ability to reach such a high cruising speed has allowed developers to add two acronyms (HS, ‘High Speed’) to the acronym used to refer to this type of aircraft, VTOL.

At the same time, the new technology maintains the maneuverability of a helicopter at low speed, including the ability to hover. The designs presented incorporate the low power downward airflow option and an adaptability that will enable aircraft to perform a variety of missions, depending on the specialized web Airforce Technology.

Although the three concepts revealed look very similar, their gross masses vary between 1.8 and 45 tons. The company Not specific the possible range or maximum flight height of the aircraft and, regarding their engines, only indicated that they will take advantage of “emerging propulsion technologies”. In all designs, the designers placed what appear to be turboprops on the wingtips.

“Bell’s HSVTOL technology is a radical change in helicopter capabilities“said Bell Textron vice president of innovation, Jason Hurst, who assured that the new design reduces the risk associated with this class of aircraft.

Bell has been developing vertical take-off and landing technologies for at least 85 years and hopes its new concept will serve “the next generation of fighters” in modern military missions.

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