They presented the trailer for the Hawkeye series!

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Marvel had a surprise in store for November 24: the series Hawkeye by the streaming platform Disney+. Today they presented the exclusive preview that gives us a glimpse of what we will see in this program. The life of Clint Barton went ahead after the events that occurred in Avengers: Endgame and have gotten his family back in the blip. How long will peace last for this character?

The trailer shows Barton having quality time with his family. You can see in the background that they are going to see a musical work based on the Captain America: Rogers, The Musical. The healthy habit of studying to connect all its properties is still present. Then, alarming information emerges: the masked vigilante who terrorized the criminal world has returned. However, Clint has nothing to do with the actions of his former alter ego.

Hawkeye is back in action!

A bit of memory: en Endgame, Clint Barton assumed the identity of Ronin, a cruel and violent vigilante who ruthlessly murdered criminals. In that way, he carried forward the pain of having lost his family in the snap of Thanos. Now Clint feels the past “has reached it” and you will surely have to deal with the consequences of your actions.

But… Who is the masked vigilante? Barton goes out to confront him and discovers that it is a mysterious and intrepid young woman, named Kate Bishop, with great skill for hand-to-hand combat and a taste similar to his for the bow and arrow. In fact, she states that some classify her as “the best archer in the worldTogether, they will have to face the threats that crime has in store for them.

The past always comes back. Photo: IMDb.

The trailer has a Christmas motif with music and scenes that evoke that time of year. Many action sequences show that, in that sense, this series will go in a similar vein to that of Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Hawkeye and Kate seem to have a special dynamic when working together and it will be interesting to see how that relationship develops as they fight for justice.

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