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They publish two videos of the birthday party of Alberto Fernández’s wife, held in full confinement in Argentina

Argentine media released this Wednesday two videos of the birthday party of Fabiola Yañez, wife of President Alberto Fernández, held on July 14 at the fifth of Olivos, the official residence of the president, in full confinement due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The images provide more details to those already revealed with the publication of a photo of that same social gathering, which aroused a wave of criticism against the head of state due to the failure to comply with the rules that he himself decreed to prevent the spread of the virus.

Both videos were released by the information portal The uncovering, akin to Kirchnerism, and replicated by Public Television and then other media.

In them it can be seen that there were more than 10 guests, without masks, around a table. They also record the moment when ‘Happy Birthday’ is sung for Yañez, with all the dinner participants, including President Fernández.

According to the site El Uncover, these videos were already in the hands of the opposition, who planned to make them public a week before the legislative primary elections, which will be held on September 12 (while the general elections will be on November 14). .

For the journalist Roberto Navarro, director of the aforementioned media, the former president Mauricio Macri and his allies “They armed an operation to harm the president using the pain of the victims” of covid-19.

On Friday of last week, a day after the photo was released, the chief executive publicly apologized and assured that “it will not happen again.”

“Fabiola called a toast with her friends and it shouldn’t have been. I should have been more careful and we didn’t “, he stated.

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