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They rescue the “forgotten and quixotic heroes” of the first round the world

Seville, Sep 18 (EFE) .- The journalist Guillermo Sánchez has rescued in his novel “Lluvia de almendras” the “forgotten and quixotic heroes” of the first round the world, as he defines the five crew members of the expedition who remained in the Moluccas to defend the fortress built by the Spanish from the siege of the Portuguese.

These five “people, tragic, losers, antiheroes and great forgotten in history” have spent almost ten years defending the spice store with cannon shots in a “quixotic war” because, at that time, the King of Spain is marrying in Seville with the daughter of the King of Portugal, the writer and journalist from Canal Sur reminds EFE.

In addition, while these navigators continue to fight in their small fortress, Spain signs in 1529 a treaty with Portugal, that of Zaragoza, by which the Spanish king sells the right to those islands to the Portuguese, the author of the book aboard aboard a replica of the nao Victoria, in which Elcano who completed the first round the world in 1522.

This ten-year war of the antipodes “could be avoided with a WhatsApp message, but the Spaniards who guarded the Tidore fort 500 years ago believed that the wedding of the Emperor of Spain and the princess of Portugal in the Alcázar of Seville and the sale of the Zaragoza Treaty were “fake news” “, the writer explains with a smile (Seville, 1960).

The five forgotten are Diego de Arias, from Sanlúcar de Barrameda (Cádiz), Juan de Campos, from Alcalá de Henares (Madrid), Maestre Pero el lombardero (Brussels), Luis del Molino, from Baeza (Jaén) and Alonso de Mora ( Portugal), says Sánchez, who in 2012 published “La levitación”, which recounts the last inquisitorial process against the enlightened.

The author affirms that the novel is inspired by the real events that followed the passage of Elcano’s expedition, while the secondary characters are the natives of the island of Tidore and these forgotten heroes of the first round the world, who were given by dead or missing, and from the rescue expeditions led by Loaysa from Galicia and Saavedra from Mexico.

To write the book, he undertook documentation work several years ago that has included everything from the 16th century historian Bartolomé Leonardo de Argensola to the contemporary Tomás Mazón.

It emphasizes that in Tidore, one of the Moluccas islands, the history of the Spanish empire began, which ended more than 350 years later with the last of Baler in the Philippines, in both cases with wars that he considers “quixotic” because they were fighting when they were officially over. hostilities.

“The novel brings out the moment in which knowledge and understanding of the world, the political and economic system that has evolved and now we call globalization become accessible and accessible. It is to feel proud. I think we owe a debt of honor to these forgotten characters “, emphasizes Sánchez.

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