They reveal a “secret agreement” between Apple and China worth more than 275,000 million dollars

Apple signed in 2016 a “secret agreement” with Chinese officials worth more than 275,000 million dollars, as revealed this Tuesday. The Information, who has had access to documents of the American company.

Five years ago, the Asian giant considered that the apple company was not contributing enough to the local economy, which is why the Government imposed a series of regulatory actions against it, which resulted in bad publicity and in the iPhone sales collapse in China.

What did you get?

Due to this situation, the executive director of Apple, Tim Cook, made a series of visits to the country throughout that year to resolve the situation, which led to the signing of a five-year agreement between both parties.

The CEO promised Chinese officials that Apple would contribute to the development of the country’s economy and technological prowess through investment, business and worker training. In return, the California-based company obtained “key legal exemptions” by Beijing.

Specifically, part of the investment went to the construction of new retail stores, research and development centers, as well as renewable energy projects. The company also committed to using more components from Chinese suppliers in its devices, as well as signing agreements with local software companies.

Has paid off

The five-year agreement appears to have paid off, based on sales figures for the iPhone in China, where it recently became the best-selling smartphone, with the Asian giant now being its second-largest market after the US for the first time. in six years.

Apple, which has experienced a 83% annual growth on sales in the Asian country during its fiscal fourth quarter, did not immediately respond to a request for comment from the agency Reuters after knowing the news.

Last October, it emerged that a group of students from the Peking University of Chemical Technology and Donghua University (China) has sued Apple for not including chargers in its new phones and forcing customers to buy them separately. .

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