They reveal a tender gesture of Sam Heughan, star of Outlander, with a fan

Sam Heughan is positioned as one of the most beloved actors of today, recognizing that he has earned by playing Jamie Fraser and Outlander, Starz Play original series that can also be seen on the Netflix streaming service. Due to its popularity, it has millions of fans around the world, but there was a lucky one who fulfilled her dream and did it thanks to the artist.

This attitude of showing solidarity in front of the public is nothing new, since In early July they announced that they will be funding a scholarship project and screenwriting competition at the Royal Conservatory of Scotland, place where he graduated. The objective of this action is to support students who otherwise cannot afford their stay in the mythical arts establishment.

In the last weekend a new story was known that magnifies the figure of Heughan. According to the media Hello Magazine, the actor was preparing to record an episode of the podcast Boubon with Friends, in which he was going to talk about his own whiskey brand, Sassenach Spirits, But before starting the interview, Sam answered a call from Melinda, a friend of the presenter who had suffered a serious accident.

Some photos were posted on the program’s official Instagram and explained: “Melinda, a friend of ours, had a severe accident recently. She is a huge Outlander fan and her dream has been to meet Sam.”. “In an act of kindness that says a lot about who Sam is, he, without hesitation or prior knowledge, said that he would love to talk to Melinda for a few minutes.”, they highlighted.

In the post they commented that Melinda also had no idea that she was going to fulfill her dream, since she found out just ten minutes before starting the virtual meeting by Zoom: “His face lit up and perked up! We are so happy that Sam could make this dream come true for herthey concluded. The publication was quickly filled with messages referring to the gesture of Heughan, who then shared the story on his official profile for his 3.2 million followers.


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