They reveal the video of the brutal beating of Samuel Luiz, the crime that moves Spain

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Within the framework of investigation for him Samuel Luiz crime, the 24-year-old who was the victim of two consecutive attacks perpetrated by a massive group, who ended his life last Saturday, July 3, in Spain, the video what did the moment of the brutal beating.

The images, which can hurt the viewer’s sensitivity, are part of the research he directs Pedro Agudo, commissar Chief of the Judicial Police Brigade of A Coruña and were published by They show the attackers beating Samuel en masse and in two phases. They have no sound so the homophobic insults that the attackers shouted at him are not heard, according to the witnesses of the violent scene that took place during the early hours of last Saturday. However, if you can observe the entire sequence that unleashed in the fatal conflict.

At 02.56 hours Samuel is observed leaving the Pub Andén with his friend Lina. A minute later they call a friend through a video call that leads the aggressors to interpret that they are being recorded: “Stop recording us if you don’t want me to kill you, fag”Says one of the assailants. To which Samuel replied “queer of what,” according to his friend Lina.

The recordings of Samuel’s crime show that the murder was a mass lynching (Video: El

At 02.59 the young man falls to the ground for the first time after being beaten and a young Senegalese comes to the aid of the victim. Two minutes later he gets up and tries to leave, but the group of attackers chases him and begins to brutally beat him.

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At 03.05 hours the Local Police appear and ten minutes later the first ambulance arrives. Until almost an hour later the emergency services try to save Samuel’s life, without success.

So far, there are four young people between 20 and 25 years old arrested as alleged perpetrators of the brutal deadly palisade to Samuel Luiz.

In this regard, the owner of the Examining Court number 1 of A Coruña decreed the entry into provisional prison, communicated and without bail, of three of the four suspects having participated in the crime that occurred at dawn on Saturday, July 3, in the promenade of A Coruña.

Prison was agreed for the three men who went to court this Friday, and freedom, with the obligation to court appearances for women. The Prosecutor’s Office did not request admission to prison for her.

However, the possibility that in the next few hours there will be more arrests of people involved in the beating that ended the young man’s life.

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