They revealed the new photos of Dakota Johnson turned into a classic beauty

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Dakota Johnson returned to the recording studios a few days ago when it was confirmed for the adaptation of Netflix from “Persuasion”, The work of Jane Austen. Although social networks have been filled with the first glimpses of the shoot, the British press revealed the new photos and the result is to see the actress turned into a classic beauty.

In the promised tape for next year the star of “50 shades of gray”Interprets Anne Elliot, a young woman who for her age is already beginning to worry about not getting love, but a game of destiny can change everything. The actressThe 31-year-old wore a somewhat sophisticated outfit while chatting with members of the production.

Dakota Johnson She was caught by the paparazzi with her hair pulled back into an elegant headdress as she took a break and shared with her teammates before returning to the set and continuing filming. At the moment there is no confirmed date for the premiere of “Persuasion”, but the entire team has mobilized to the recordings.

They have been quite busy months for the diva, because the daughter of Melanie Griffith Y Don Johnson you don’t leave a project to jump on a new one, as you just recently did. According to US press reports, the diva will star in a new movie with none other than Sean Penn.

The specialized medium Deadline reports that the film is called “Daddio” and has the participation of Christy Hall in the direction and the script. While the “50 Shades of Gray” star will serve as producer alongside Ro Donnelly through TeaTime Pictures with Emma Tillinger Koskoff.


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