They sued Alec Baldwin again and held him responsible for the death of Halyna Hutchins

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Days ago the first lawsuit against the production of Rust, where Alec Baldwin fired a prop gun that was supposed to be unloaded and ended the life of the cinematographer Halyna Hutchins. The person in charge of presenting it was the electrician, Serge Svetnoy, and accused them “For negligent acts”. In the statement presented to the Justice, he stated: In simple words, there was no reason for there to be a live bullet in the Colt .45 revolver near the set of Rust, and the presence of the bullet in the revolver meant a lethal threat to all who were nearby “.

Now the second legal presentation has arrived and this time it directly affects Alec Baldwin. The one who did it was the script supervisor, Mamie Mitchell, who was nearby during the tragic event in the Rancho Bonanza Creek. What’s more, Mitchell was in charge of calling emergencies to request assistance for Hutchins and the director, Joel Souza.

The defendants were the producers and the person in charge of the weapons, Hannah Gutiérrez Reed, as well as the actor. Alec Baldwin he should have assumed that the weapon in question was loaded unless or until it has been shown to him or he has seen that it was not loaded “, notes the presentation. In this sense, the error of having trusted the assistant director is underlined.

Mr. Baldwin he cannot hide behind the assistant principal to try to excuse himself from the fact that he did not check the gun himself “, also ensures the demand. It is expected that during the day the lawyer Gloria Allred, representative of Mitchell, hold a press conference where you elaborate on the presentation.

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They want an anti-gun law announced and named after Halyna

After the accident on the set of Rust and the appearance of some members of the industry who demonstrated against the use of weapons on the sets, the director Bandar Albuliwi organized a march in Brooklyn for the enactment of the Ley Halyna, which prohibits the use of real weapons and ammunition in filming. He also placed an order on where it already exceeded 115 signatures.

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