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They transplanted a heart so big that every beat can be seen through his chest – MAG.

Cecilia Adamou is a 22-year-old girl who has found in TikTok the ideal platform to reveal details of your case as a cancer survivor and after having had a heart transplant. He recently posted a video showing how the new organ he received is much larger compared to the one he had. Consequently, each beat can be seen through your chest.

“It has always been very special to me, I find it very surprising that I have the heart of another person within me, how incredible is that?”revealed the young woman, identified on TikTok as @ scars.and.stuff. “It is the confirmation that my heart is still running, I am quite proud of it!”

By his own account, he was only 10 years old when he had to undergo a heart transplant. Cecilia was born with holes on both sides of the organ, an atrioventricular septal defect with left atrial isomerism.

His heart donor was a middle-aged man. Therefore, the organ he received was larger and caused each Latino to push his rib cage. Now, at 22 years old, the young woman has explained that, despite the fact that her body is already that of an adult, her heart is still very big for her and each beat can be perfectly appreciated from her chest.

Through her TikTok account, Cecilia seeks to reveal details about her story, break false myths and give hope to people who are in a situation similar to hers.

After publishing the clip, the young woman received a large number of messages of encouragement. Likewise, several users shared similar experiences, as well as comments of appreciation for making cases like yours visible.

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