They will investigate a former director of the Constitutional Convention of Chile who resigned after acknowledging that he had pretended to have cancer

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The Constituent Convention of Chile will formally investigate the former member of that body for the 13th district, Rodrigo Rojas Vade, who resigned after admitting on Saturday that lied when claiming he had cancer.

The vice president of the Constituent Convention, Jaime Bassa, indicated this Monday at a press conference that the body “is going to put all the information before the corresponding body” to find out what happened.

Meanwhile, this same day the North Central Prosecutor’s Office confirmed that it will investigate the assembly member for the possible crime of perjury, because he declared before the treasury a bank debt of 27 million pesos (34,830 dollars) that he attributed to his cancer treatment.

Rojas Vade, one of the main left-wing referents during the 2019 anti-government protests, acknowledged in an interview with the newspaper Third who lied about an alleged cancer diagnosis, and sparked a nationwide political scandal.

It is that the militant had used his apparent illness to harshly question the Chilean health system, within the framework of the social outbreak. “I don’t fight cancer, I struggle to pay for the chemo. Dignified health for Chile, “he said on a poster during one of the demonstrations.

“It is the worst mistake i made in my life“, he manifested the weekend before La Tercera.

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Hours after the interview was published, the activist known as ‘el pelao Vade’ issued a statement in which he confirmed his resignation as vice president of the Constituent Conventional Assembly and apologized for his attitude: “With all the pain that this situation, I want to ask everyone to commit to being honest, as I am now and from there to build the foundations for a New Constitution, “he wrote from his account of Instagram.

In addition, he explained: “The disease that I have is not cancer, it is a diagnosis that I could not recognize eight years ago. because of the stigmwhat society has over him. ”

The lie of the now former constituent caused a strong discomfort both within the body in charge of drafting a new Constitution for Chile, as well as in the rest of the population and the ruling class, especially in sectors of the right.

“We empathize with the pain that this is causing in the citizens,” Bassa said during the press conference. And he warned that, in institutional terms, “there will be no corporate defense”.

Bassa, who is a member of the Board of Directors that has just left Rojas Vade, also pointed out that, with this scandal, “one of the main affected is the representation of the Constituent Assembly” and that the body “is going to put all the antecedents before the instance that corresponds “, seeking to give” transparency “to the matter.

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