“Things to clean”: what happened at the end of the Netflix series and what does it mean

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BEWARE, SPOILER ALERT. Inspired by Stephanie Land’s memoir “Maid: Hard Work, Low Pay, and a Mother’s Will to Survive”, “Things to clean”(“ Maid ”in its original language) is a Netflix series created by Molly Smith Metzler. The dramatic fiction that premiered on October 1, 2021 tells the story of Alex, a woman trying to break free from an abusive relationship.

However, when she finally succeeds, her daughter’s father threatens to take her away from her, so she starts working as a house cleaner to show that she is capable of taking care of Maddy and preventing Sean from taking her away from her side.

Although on her way she meets many people who try to help her, she also runs into the complex system of government assistance, which instead of providing relief seems to make things more complicated for her.

Because the apartment they gave him is full of mold, Alex must accept his father’s help, but while cleaning the house of the mother of a known criminal in the area, he unlocks traumatic memories of his childhood: his father beat his mother . So, grab your things and find another place to live.

At Nate’s suggestion, Alex wants to send Maddy to a good, better daycare, so she has to find another place to live, something really complicated due to the welfare benefits she receives.

When he finally gets an apartment, Sean ruins it because of his alcoholism. Despite Nate offering him his home, Maddy’s father manages to manipulate Alex again, takes her to his old house and dumps the car they gave him to prevent her from escaping again.

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It isn’t long before Sean drinks again, abandons his meetings in Alcoholics Anonymous, and assaults Alex. However, this time she is not alone, Regina, the owner of one of the houses she frequently cleaned, offers her help and a lawyer to fight for the custody of her daughter.

Although Regina was not kind at first, after knowing Alex’s story she decided to support her, in addition, she was by his side when her husband abandoned her and she could not deal with her newborn son.

In the last chapter of “Alex notifies his ex-partner about his move, but he refuses to sign and chooses to fight in court. Meanwhile, the protagonist continues to work to raise money before moving to the university campus and starting to study what she always dreamed of.

When all seems lost, Sean agrees to let Alex take his daughter. Although Paula, Alex’s mother, agrees to go with them, she meets another man and decides to stay behind. The young mother is finally going to college and despite the fact that she still has to work hard to change her future, she has already taken the first step.

Until now, He has not made any announcements about the future of the drama series, but apparently in the last chapter, it is unlikely that the fiction will get the green light for a new batch of episodes.

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