10 Things To Do At Windsor

Out of all the famous Windsors on this ravishing planet, Canada’s Windsor really stands out. What is not to love? The Queen’s favorite castle, cobbled lanes, ancient half-timbered houses, old manor buildings, huge bridges, picturesque medieval infrastructure, a lit nightlife, and the diversity of cultures make this city a flawless vacay destination.

Only 20 miles from the heart of London, this Ontarian city offers infinite sightseeing opportunities and a plethora of joyful stuff to do. Even if you’re a resident of London, Windsor is the perfect escape you can ask for. A one-day excursion to this place should be on every Londoner’s bucket list.

The city is of historic importance, given its immortal link to the British monarchy, the historic county of Berkshire, and most importantly, the world-famous Windsor’s castle, one of the official residences of the British monarch. And guess what? That isn’t all. Unlike other big cities in Canada, Toronto, for instance, a rich-in-culture city, often called the ‘Rose City,’ is one of the most economical large cities in the territory. 

This favorite vacation destination, tourists’ preferred weekend home, never fails to fascinate its visitors, given the diverse range of attractions and the abundance of fun-to-do things it offers. Read this article till the very end because we have ten exciting, jaw-dropping pastimes you can enjoy on holiday to Windsor.

10 Things To Do At Windsor

1. Visit the Windsor Castle

Going to Windsor and not visiting the Royal Windsor Castle is like visiting Mcdonald’s and not eating a hamburger. This castle is the world’s oldest and largest inhabited castle and has been home to 40 monarchs.

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Visit this castle to bless your eyes with the most beautiful interiors with a royal touch in every ounce. And hey! Don’t forget to visit the Queen Mary’s Doll House, a miniature replica that gives you the taste of a typical 19th-century mansion.

2. Get into the Festival Spirit

Did you know? Windsor celebrates a grand festival every year to celebrate its special establishment as a royal town and inspire future generations.

The festival attracts a plethora of world-famous musicians, artists, performers, and writers to delight a vast audience consisting of a major chunk of tourists who come from all parts of the world to witness the grand celebration.

3. Bet on your favorites at the Ascot Racecourse

Horse racing, which used to be one of the Queen’s favorite pastimes, is the perfect idea of a fun thing while in Windsor. Ascot is one of Britain’s most elegant and well-known racecourses and also holds a special week of races each year in the month of June. And don’t forget to follow the Royal Ascot’s Dress Code when going to the race.

4. Wander the Savill Garden

Windsor has a range of stunning gardens; the most stunning of them is the Savill Garden, a creation of the 1930s.

A natural haven of incredible horticulture and an extremely pleasant ambiance, this garden, located at the heart of Windsor Great Park, is the perfect place to enjoy a chill, relaxing time with your dear ones. So, if you’re visiting Windsor anytime shortly, the Savill garden has to be on your list!

5. Enjoy a meal or take a nap at the waterside inn

Waterside inn is your go-to place in case you wish to enjoy a luxurious dining experience or want a peaceful nap after a long, tiring day.

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Beautifully presented, impeccably balanced cuisines with incredible taste await you at this 94-suite building, suitable for dining as well as staying.

6. Take a bus tour through the city

Want to wander the entire city without getting your legs hurt? Well, Windsor has 24-hour hop-on hop-off buses for its visitors, which stop at all the major attractions; Windsor castle, Elton college, and holy trinity church, to name a few. Some of these buses even offer audio guides and free wifis onboard. 

7. Chillax on a River Boat

If you visit Windsor during the summer months, boating is something you cannot afford to miss out on! A boat tour on the Thames will literally take you over the moon; you will witness the beauty and charm of the whole of Windsor, that too in just about an hour.

Boats usually depart from the Windsor promenade. If you ain’t running short of time, you can even bless yourself with an incredible one-day cruise experience.

8. Delight yourself with an incredible shopping experience

Want to enjoy some time shopping the royal way? Windsor got you covered! The Windsor Royal Shopping Centre near the Victorian Railway Station, an independent street market on Peascod Street, the Windsor Farmers’ Market on St Leonard’s Road, and the Crooked House of Windsor are some of the incredible shopping destinations in the city, offering almost everything you can ask for.

From some ancient artifacts and jewelry to farmers’ local produce, there’s nothing you can’t find in these markets.

9. Pay a visit to the Eton College

A must-visit place in Windsor is the Eton boys’ college, which dominates the twin town across the Thames. The college encloses three fascinating museums, some very elegant art galleries, and antique shops, and has some of Britain’s most prominent actors as its alumni. 

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So don’t miss out on this opportunity to visit this college famed for educating the royals and ministers and get some back-to-school vibes!

10. Watch a show

Watching a show doesn’t seem much exciting when you have so many beautiful things to witness at Windsor, right? But Theatre Royale can change your mind for sure! This incredibly beautiful theatre nestles just a stone’s throw away from the Castle and the Thames and is one of the leading unsubsidized theatres in the country.

Windsor is definitely worth visiting, and the visit is incomplete without the above. So go on and enjoy This unique, pretty, and historic destination the next time you need a break!

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