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Shirine Boutella: 10 Things You Didn’t Know about Shirine Boutella

Shirine Boutella’s career has been a point of discussion for the last couple of years. Shrine was able to dive into the field of professional acting after making a great YouTube identity. She got a tremendous breakthrough when she was featured in the French Netflix series Lupin. Shirine has had the opportunity to share her abilities with a worldwide audience due to the program’s success.

People have praised her work so far and are eager to see what she achieves in the future. Shirine has the potential to become one of the hottest young stars in the French film industry if she maintains her current momentum. Continue reading to learn ten surprising facts about Shirine Boutella.

1. Her Youtube Videos Have Around 20 Million Views

Some people believe that being a YouTuber is simple, but this is not the case. In truth, producing high-quality material on a continuous basis takes a great deal of patience and effort. Shirine has devoted a lot of time and effort to growing her YouTube channel, which now has over 563,000 followers. What is more astounding is that she has racked up over 20 million total views. Shirine has not abandoned her YouTube channel, though her acting career is taking off.

2. Shirine Boutella Adores Dogs

In December, the actress acquired a female puppy and encouraged others to donate to charities that aid animals in need.

She posted a picture of a dog and said, “It’s a female. We adopted her on 12/12/2020 from the shelter @coeurdashafrance.”

She further added, “Adopting a pet is not to be taken lightly. Our life changes, totally, for the better and for the worse, but above all for the better.”

She urges people to go with the shelter animals if they want to adopt a pet, “Romanian dogs have quite complicated living conditions.. if you want a pet, consider shelter animals.. you are sure to change the life of a little being who was destined for the existence of suffering, fear, and even worse.”

She also said, “And also, please, if you witness or suspect animal abuse, REPORT IT, PLEASE!”

3. She Can Communicate In Four Languages

If you have ever attempted to learn a new language, you know how tough it is. In fact, some individuals are ready to pay substantial amounts of money to have the procedure go more smoothly. Shirine, luckily, seems to be a genius at acquiring languages. She is multilingual, speaking English, French, German, and Arabic.

4. Shirine Boutella Is A Social Media Influencer

Shirine Boutella dazzled the internet with her appearance with a vibrant Youtube and Instagram profile long before she captured our notice through the television screens. Her YouTube channel has over 500 thousand followers, and she has over 2 million Instagram followers.

5. Shirine Boutella Is Married and Enjoys Her Engaged Life

Shirine Boutella has been engaged for a long time. The actress uploaded a few images with her spouse, who is known for turning his back on the camera. It is comprehensible that little is revealed about her husband’s identity. When you are in a partnership with someone renowned, privacy and safety are difficult to come by. However, we don’t know her husband’s name as she never announces such.

6. Shirine Boutella Is A Foodie And A Bookworm

If there is one thing you can understand from Shirine Boutella’s Youtube and Instagram videos, it is that she enjoys delicious cuisine and reading.

Shirine Boutella, like most of us, appreciates nice cuisine and posts images of it on social media. She also does not mind sharing a few pictures of herself reading books and publications.

7. Shirine Boutella Is An Amazing Make-Up Artist

Shrine has filmed videos testing out various make-up products before gaining success in the movie and television industries. Being a successful influencer and actress requires a lot of attention to precision, and Shirine is no exception.

8. Her First TV Show Is Lupin

In many instances, an actor must work in the industry for many years before being cast in a big production. Shirine, on the other hand, has had a unique path. In 2019, she made her big-screen debut in the film Papich. Lupin is her second on-screen acting role and her first on-screen debut on television.

9. She Is A Frequent Traveler

Shirine’s ability to communicate in a variety of languages is likely to come in useful considering her passion for travel. She is constantly excited to see new locations and learn about new cultures. She has had the good fortune to travel to many various countries, but she particularly enjoys seeing different parts of France.

10. She Was A Film Student

Those who had followed Shirine for a long time presumably assumed it was just a matter of time before she was filmed. Although we do not know much about her formative years, we do know that she studied film at the Université Sorbonne Nouvelle in Paris.


Therefore, we have covered all the likes, hobbies, and many personal events of Shirine Boutella. She has been well-known for her marvelous performance in various films since 2019. Hopefully, you have enjoyed the article and got insights into the unknown facts regarding her. 

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