Things You Need To Know About The Colossal Titan

colossal titan

The beginning of Attack on Titan is a fond memory for every fan. The manga’s first moments are primarily responsible for its enduring appeal. On that day, the residents of Shiganshina had no idea that they would lose all they had worked so hard for.

However, the heroes knew that the titans might breach the fortifications if they relaxed their watch. The Colossal Titan, the series’ most recognized Titan, arrived over the wall shielding the Eldians, making this a reality.

As the Colossal Titan’s heirs and descendants were revealed to the readers, they observed their transformations. The tales of the Nine Titans might be confusing, so fans should focus on the Colossal Titan in particular.

Goal: Marley’s

Before Marley acquired possession of the Colossal Titan and six of the other Nine Titans, Eldia and Marley had been engaged in a battle for hundreds of years. They despatched Bertholdt, together with Marcel, Annie, and Reiner, to Paradis to fight Eldia and capture the Founding Titan, the last of the Nine Titans Eldia had in her control. Marley would receive the Founding Titan, which they were intended to steal. However, their plan fell apart after the youngsters arrived on the island. After Ymir devoured marcel, Reiner persuaded the others to go on with their plans. He died as a consequence of this action.

The Affection For The Female Titan

Annie, the Female Titan, is a love interest for Bertholdt and Armin. As they were growing up, Bertholdt became enamored with Annie. When Annie is captured, he cannot resist his attraction to her since the others know about it.

Colossal Titan

Even though Armin and Annie were on opposite sides in the war, Armin falls for Annie. Because of Bertholdt’s recollections and the Colossal Titan, his love develops for her even more regularly once he becomes the Colossal Titan. The true tragedy may be the unanswered questions of what will happen when a kind man like Armin wields the Colossal Titan’s deadly power!

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Ymir Fritz introduced the Colossal Titan to the earth. After 1,700 years, the Eldian people owned it. Relocating to Paradise Island after quitting Eldia was Karl Fritz, 145th king of the Fritz line.

The Marleyan people took over the Colossal Titan after the Great Titan War. Warrior Bertholdt Hoover was selected to be the Colossal Titan’s host, but his experiences plagued him in battle. It’s Bertholdt’s job to be the show’s bad guy. One of the characters, Armin Arlert, had the giant in his hands after Bertholdt’s death. In anime, particularly in shonen manga, the villains and protagonists might trade places. As a result of the narrative alteration, the show is now more engaging.


Like the other nine giant titans, this one stands out. Despite the walls’ height, this Titan is much higher than it seems. The Titan’s intimidating stature is heightened by its height. The muscles, bones, and teeth of the Titan are visible. It travels slowly because of its enormous size. This Titan’s talents are used; it has a more significant effect even if it isn’t the most elegant.

This giant has reached a new degree of destruction. It’s got a wide range of skills. Bertholdt Hoover’s metamorphosis caused the wall-climbers to tumble off during Trost’s assault on Trost. While changing, it created a strong wind gust. In the end, if the metamorphosis can have such a profound effect, his steaming abilities are on a whole new level of destruction.

Colossal Titan

The steaming ability of the Colossal Titan is catastrophic. It produces a cloud of steam that burns anybody who comes into contact with it—Armin’s fruitless attempts to stop Bertholdt in his Colossal Titan form show this. However, Armin was one of the unfortunate ones. He was not only hurt; he was burned to the bone.

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Not the Most Important

The Colossal Titan was the giant titan shifter known at the start of the series. Things changed as the season went, however. Rod became the most dangerous threat Paradis has ever seen after failing to persuade Historia to become a titan and reclaim the Founding Titan from Eren. He was eventually beaten by his daughter, demonstrating that Historia was deserving of the title of Eldian queen. In recent manga chapters, Eren has obtained a new version of his titan, much more significant than Rod Reiss. Compared to Eren’s new shape, the Colossal Titan seems to be an ordinary human.

Other Gigantic Titans

Karl Fritz employed the Founding Titan to construct three walls to keep the rest of the world out of Paradis. Other Colossal Titans were commanded to harden and stay motionless by him. Until a section of the wall shattered, revealing the face of another Colossal Titan, the bulk of the people in Paradis were unaware that they were being safeguarded by the monsters they saw as a danger. Eren is now utilizing them to destroy Marley and the other nations. Therefore they will play a significant part in the manga.

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