Thirsty Tokyo residents criticize alcohol sales plan during Olympic Games

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By Sam Nussey

TOKYO, Jun 22 (Reuters) – Organizers of the Olympic Games plan to allow the sale of alcohol to Tokyo 2020 spectators, Kyodo News reported on Tuesday, drawing criticism from residents of the capital who face restrictions on bars to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Alcohol will be served at Olympic venues at limited hours, Kyodo reported, citing unidentified sources, a decision that follows Monday’s approval of the presence of up to 10,000 domestic spectators at the Games venues next month.

Tokyo 2020 President Seiko Hashimoto said Monday that organizers are still evaluating whether alcohol will be served at the venues.

Last week, the government put the capital in a “near-emergency” state, which allows drinking in small groups for short periods of time, but offers limited relief to Tokyo’s troubled bars, restaurants and nightspots.

“The biggest problem is the preferential treatment: the events are good, but the cinemas are bad. The Olympics are good, but the live sites are not good,” wrote @save_the_cinema on Twitter, the emergency funding campaign for the author cinemas.

Social gatherings with alcoholic beverages have been a target of government action, as they are considered to cause infections by encouraging loud speech, close contact, and prolonged stay in bars.

The approval of the sale of alcoholic beverages during the Games could offer a ray of hope to sponsor Asahi Group Holdings, which has the exclusive rights to offer its best-selling “Super Dry” lager beer to thirsty sports fans.

Olympic sponsors, who contributed a record $ 3 billion to support the Tokyo Games, have scaled back their marketing plans for fear of widespread public opposition.

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