This AI scolds politicians who are distracted by mobile

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Artificial intelligence is very helpful for all those who need to automate a job in a digital environment. Surely you have already worked with one and you did not know it, mainly using your smartphone. But on the Internet there are many applications, some very useful for productivity and others that are funny for many. Belgian politicians may not be very funny about this that we present to you The Flemish Scrollers, is an artificial intelligence that scolds politicians on Twitter.

The AI ​​that tweets at clueless politicians

When a person gets bored, they usually pick up their mobile to distract themselves. This is a bad part of these devices given the large number of applications out there that serve all kinds of purposes. This, in addition, poses a risk to social relationships since it diminishes the importance of conversations and takes away the attention from the speaker. And the latter is usually very important when a session is held in a parliament as in Belgium.

It turns out that all politicians will be judged under the watchful eye of a robot that scolds politicians who are distracted by mobile phones. His name is The Flemish Scrollers, which has its own Twitter account to ‘do justice’ in front of the members of the chamber who attend to their mobiles instead of the issues being debated.

The operation is very simple: it is a facial recognition intelligence that is capable of recognizing all the people who appear in a live video image. The interesting thing is that it not only recognizes them, but it has a system that finds their Twitter accounts for its second function. Once he recognizes that an individual is looking at the phone, he automatically sends a message to Twitter with a video in which it is shown that he was not attentive. But of course, it is not a direct message, but it exposes the evidence with a public tweet mentioning the user.

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Work or distraction?

As we said, The Flemish Scrollers is software that scolds politicians who look at your phone. However, although the evidence that they are looking at the terminal is irrefutable it does not directly mean that the politicians are not working. As they say in Mashable, a quick judgment is generated and people on social media can rush in and draw their own conclusions.


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