This app allows you to customize contact lenses using your mobile

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There are many people who every day make use of contact lenses. However, not everyone is capable of adapting to them and they leave it as impossible or simply for specific events or days. In this case, the most widely used are undoubtedly the standard soft contact lenses, models that for the most part do not offer an optimal fit depending on the diameter of the cornea of ​​each person. However, this can now change thanks to the app MoCoTo, which allows you to customize and adapt the lenses to your eyes from the mobile itself.

If each eye is different, the logical thing is that the lenses are always made to measure. But in practice, the truth is that this is not the case in real life, which in many cases makes users stop using them.

When designing a lens and taking into account that it is in contact with the cornea, which is a spherical surface, one should take into account both curvature and diameter of the same so that it can fit perfectly. But only a few opticians have equipment that allows them to customize the lenses for each user and it can also be quite an expensive process for the user.

An app together with an accessory on the mobile

With this idea David Merino, creator of MoCoTo, has designed a system capable of customize contact lenses easily. To do this, it has developed a mobile app that must be used together with an accessory that is placed on the back of the mobile phone and that is similar to the lens of a camera. Through this application and with the accessory that illuminates the eye, our mobile takes a photo of the reflection of light on the cornea and is thus able to calculate its shape and size.

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In this way, an optician will be able to easily personalize the lenses for each person, thus offering a better product.

According to the experts and the developers of this idea, the truth is that a corneal topographer can not only be used to perform these calculations and thus be able to customize the lenses much more easily, but it is also a very useful to detect certain diseases of the cornea like keratoconus. A disease that affects the internal structure of the cornea and causes a deformation that later affects vision.

Although the product is initially aimed at optical professionals, the designer himself has already thought about other ways of use, such as that the patients themselves can use it to monitor certain diseases that are easy to diagnose.


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