This Apple TV remote case has its own AirTag so you can always find it

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Finding things is a big problem for many, either because they do not remember the last time they saw it or because this is directly an unknown for them. And it is that you can lose anything at any time, even what you have completely under control. One of those things is the remote control, but some will be glad this is no longer a problem if they buy it.a remote control case with built-in AirTag slot from Elago.

A remote control with Siri and AirTags

Apple fans most attached to the firm prefer its products to those of rival companies. There are some reasons that they have, which even lead them to have even the company’s television in their homes. And it is that its commitment to Apple’s own production is for the exclusive series that it has and that are yet to come. But of course, with an ‘extra’ television you also need a remote to control it, which can ‘disappear’ by magic. The normal thing is to find it between the recesses of the sofa, a nearby drawer or pocket, but even these devices are lost.

But who would not like to have the latest from the Cupertino company even for one of its devices that does not have it. And we have to talk about a case that includes an AirTag to find the Apple TV remote. Yes, exactly, you will have at your disposal a case designed to house an Apple locator tag, although this goes separately.

The Elago company has prepared a silicone case designed so that your Siri Remote does not suffer any damage caused by shocks or collisions. It has a space designed for the remote control buttons, but they also include a section for an AirTag. Here you can place the label that, as we said, you will have to buy it separately.

Hence the price is so cheap, specifically some 15 dollars that can be converted into little less than 16 euros to change. It is an interesting proposal so that the Siri Remote does not suffer any damage, and more interesting if you have an AirTag to spare at home, which can make the product more expensive if it is what you are also looking for when it comes to finding the remote.


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