This burning house shows why pyrotechnics are banned

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Every Fourth of July, officials around USA warn against using and storing fireworks without handling explosives safely. In Champaign, Illinois, a family lost their home Saturday night after what appears to be a fireworks accident, fire department officials said.

Fortunately, there were no injuries to residents and no responding firefighters were reported. However, the people who lived in the house were displaced. The fire was reported shortly before 6 in the evening Saturday in a two-story single-family home.

The video of the incident shows all the burning house, with smoke coming from the ceiling. Firefighters quickly put out the fire with multiple hoses. The fire was in the back of the house. An investigation is underway on the cause of the fire.

Although the cause of this fire is undetermined as investigators remain on site conducting their investigation, there is a high probability that the cause is fireworks.”Said the Champaign Fire Department on your page Facebook.

No firefighters or occupants were injured. The occupants were displaced as a result of the damage. The Champaign Police Department he retweeted video of the fire and asked residents to leave fireworks displays to professionals.

Leave the fireworks to the experts. I just don’ta “, said the Police department. “We are grateful to our colleagues for their efforts at this time of year, working 24 hours a day and being there in case of accidents like this that could be avoided if they were actually caused by fireworks.”.

It is illegal for non-professionals have fireworks in Illinois, points out Illinois Legal Aid Online. The Illinois Pyrotechnic Use Law prohibits the use of “consumer fireworks”Or the type of fireworks that are legal to buy in other states, such as firecrackers, bottle rockets and roman candles.

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Violations of the law can result in a huge fine and a year in prison. However, there are still many people who decide to buy pyrotechnics to celebrate the July 4th, national holiday in USA. This family had to learn the hard way that fireworks are more dangerous than they appear.

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