This “Euphoria” Meme Is Taking Over Twitter

The second season of ‘Euphoria’ is giving a lot, and not only for the plot. Fans keep talking about the show’s couples in real life (Hunter Schafer, who plays Jules, has been caught hand in hand with a co-star), theorizing about the characters and, of course, doing what they do best: memes. A few weeks ago some videos began to go viral on TikTok referring to the non-casual costumes of the protagonists. Well, this time it is a scene from Maddy that has been the subject of many laughs from fans of the series.

There’s a moment in chapter 3 that’s cutting fans apart. We refer to the bathroom scene in which Cassie is dressed in a set of Vichy paintings, a costume choice that Maddy does not seem to like too much, who tells her that she is dressed “like a country music star”, to which Cassie asks: “In a good or bad sense?” Her response is collapsing on Twitter: “b*tch, you better be joking.”
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