This is Guerra announces sentences and eliminations before the next match against “EEG Puerto Rico” – MAG.

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The court of “This is war”Announced in the edition of this Tuesday, October 5, that the competition reality show will undergo drastic changes before the next international duel, where they will face their peers from“ Guerreros Puerto Rico ”.

Johanna San Miguel and Gian Piero Díaz explained that from today until Friday, October 8, two competitors will be sentenced daily.

The eight reality boys who are sentenced must show that they are fit to remain in the competition, but at the end of the program one of them will be eliminated.

The EEG host explained that the team that obtains the highest score during the day will have the advantage of choosing between sentencing members of the opposing team or, if the lucky coin establishes it, sentencing two of its competitors. He also detailed the reasons why the radical measure was taken.

“Puerto Rico is coming to face“ This is War ”, and after the experience we have had in“ Guerreros México ”, the production decides that only those who have to stay are going to stay, and (it will be evaluated) the that are not up to the program or only come to fulfill a schedule “, San Miguel said.

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