This is how Álvaro Morte prepares for the premiere of La Casa de Papel 5

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The fans count the days with the fingers of their hands and little by little the counter is reaching zero, since this Friday, September 3, the first episodes of the final season of The Money Heist on the streaming service Netflix. In the meantime, Alvaro Death Share how you go through the moments leading up to the expected launch.

Your character, The teacher, It will be vital in the next chapters of the series, since the previous installment ended with him being discovered by Inspector Alicia Sierra and in the previews we see how she keeps him as a prisoner. For the first time he will not be behind the band of robbers to mark the next steps within the Bank of Spain, where a war will break out.

+ Álvaro Morte’s vacation

Although the filming of the series created by Álex Pina ended a while ago, Alvaro He already has new projects that have kept him busy in recent months, such as the programs Boundless and The Wheel of Time, both from the Amazon Prime Video platform. There is no doubt that Spanish fiction is what generates the most hype in the public, and that is why to relax he decided to take a vacation.

For your well deserved rest attended the Kamezi Boutique Villas, a spa center located in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. This is how he shared it on his official Instagram profile with a photo of one of the twelve dishes he tasted in front of the Lanzarote sea. Before that He was also in Mallorca, in the Calvià area, where he was seen with his wife and children having fun in the water with a board and an oar.

The truth is at the moment he is already in Madrid, where he will focus solely on the premiere of part 1 of the last season of The Money Heist, like Úrsula Corberó, who has also shared a photo with the description: “4 days for # LCDP5 babies”. If you want to be the first person to play the new episodes, you must know the launch schedule here.

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