This is how an actress from De Brutas, Nada reacted to the comments to a photo with her husband

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Carolina Ramírez lived a curious moment after uploading an image with her husband to her social networks.

Carolina Ramírez.


© IMDbCarolina Ramírez.

The actress Carolina Ramirez is one of the successful protagonists De Brutas, Nothing and its popularity is on the rise. Taking advantage of her social networks, the versatile interpreter, who gives life to Hannah Larrea in the Mexican TV series that airs on the streaming platform Amazon prime, uploaded a tender image with her husband that caused the reaction of many of his followers. What did the people say?

“Excuse me, but is it your father? he looks too old to be his partner “, “Love has no age or country, congratulations for many years together “, “You don’t seem very happy”, “How cute with his grandfather“Were some of the statements that the actress’s fans left in reaction to her post. Carolina wasted no time in uploading an answer for so much criticism that it should not exist as such, after all each one chooses the partner they want and that is how the interpreter understands it.

Carolina Ramírez’s awkward moment on social media

“Well, I was looking at some comments on that post I made with my husband, thank you very much, the good messages are very nice, the occasional misplaced one that is never missing” considered Ramírez who added: “There are photos that one does not want to see everywhere, but they are intimate and private gifts that I put there“. He finally closed with a very good vibe: “Everything’s fine!”.

In March of this year, Carolina decided to move to Buenos Aires with her husband, the Argentine Mariano Bacaleinik, with whom they had been married for 11 years. However, recently it was learned that the actress returned for a time to Colombia for a series of professional commitments that required her presence in that country.

The actress’s credits in the entertainment industry include: Seventh Gate (2004), The Daughter of the Mariachi (2006), The Pola (2010), the Mexican series De Brutas, Nothing and two seasons of The Queen of Flow. He always showed a marked versatility when facing his professional career and also participated in feature films Dreaming Costs Nothing (2006) and Wandering Girl (2019). An interesting path that will surely have many more episodes!

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