This is How Georgina Rodríguez looked like when she was working at Gucci

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“Many know my name, few know who I am,” says Georgina Rodriguez in the promotion of “Soy Georgina,” which became a trend on Netflix. In the “docu-reality”, he tells the before and after of CR7 in his life and how it was the first day he met him.

Geo, as her close people call her, grew up in Jaca, located in the province of Huesca, Spain. She then saved money working as a waitress and traveled to Madrid where she started as a Gucci clerk and met Cristiano Ronaldo, the striker who changed her life.

That day was a summer Thursday. She was on her way to the store stayed a little longer because one of her colleagues asked her to attend to a customer who was going to buy coats.

“When I am already leaving the store, I see that a beautiful man appears two meters long and accompanied by a child and some friends. I stood and Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. stopped in front of me; super polite and greeted me. We laughed. I felt tickles in my stomach,” says Georgina.

Ronaldo says that that day, that moment, he felt a click and couldn’t get it out of his head.

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Georgina Rodriguez was 22 years old when she met CR7

As soon as I met him, “I began to feel tickles in my stomach, I didn’t even want to look at him, I was embarrassed,” says Georgia, who says that when his hands collided with those of the footballer, they were immediately intertwined. “I felt like those hands had been with me many times, they were familiar hands that fit perfectly.”

I would arrive at work by bus and return home in Bugatti. “I know what it’s like to have nothing. And I know what it’s like to have everything,” says the model who does not hide her humble origins in which a good summer plan was “snacks and watermelon.”

As a result of his relationship with Cristiano, in 2017 his first daughter, Alana, was born, the fourth daughter of the striker and the first not to be conceived by surrogacy. Before, his brothers Cristiano JR (2010) and twins Eva María and Mateo (2017) had been born. Now, this couple is expecting twins. “The peace I need is at home with Cris, with our children.”

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