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This is how good the new videos from the filming of HBO’s The Last of Us look that show scenes of Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey together on horseback

The filming of HBO’s The Last of Us keeps giving us images and videos that give us a clue to where the story is. Previously, we showed how the team began to prepare the scenarios of the university, the place to which Joel and Ellie arrive in search of Los Luciérnagas and where one of the events that mark the relationship between them take place. Now we can see the first images of the university and the arrival of Joel and Ellie (Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey) on horseback.

This time we have different perspectives of the protagonists riding together on horseback, as happened in The Last of Us. The resemblance is fascinating.

And another new video, this time it shows how a scene is being filmed in a narrow street.

Last but not least, the new images reveal what the university campus looks like… which is precisely the destiny of Joel and Ellie when walking the streets and open places that you can see in the previous videos.

We can’t wait to see what all of the apocalypse-adapted locations will look like when the series is done. It looks very promising. We will be very attentive to any news. Meanwhile, you can continue watching apocalyptic landscapes of the series in the following gallery and taking a look to the rest of the series’ publications on MRT Spain. We offer news almost daily!

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