This is how the drama continues in the Jenni Rivera clan and the accusations against Pita Saavedra

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The controversy continues in the clan of Jenni Rivera, after the accusations launched by Pita Saavedra’s son accusing her of sexually abusing a girl years ago. After his statements, social networks were filled with speculation about whether that girl could have been Chiquis Rivera placeholder image, after which the aunt of the deceased singer recorded a video to clear her name.

Now Pita assures that the accusations are an orchestrated attack on the part of the relatives of his deceased sister as a strategy of revenge. The new statements of Jenni’s aunt were given in the program “The fat and the skinny”Where he affirmed that he will continue taking actions to clean up his reputation, which was stained, and did not rule out initiating legal proceedings against his own family members.

According to him, his son fell into what he called a game of interests that surround the entire family clan composed of madam Rosa (the singer’s mother) and her father, Pedro Rivera. The entire plan of revenge would come as a response, according to his words, to the support that Pita is giving to the heirs of Jenni Rivera in clarifying the management of his mother’s companies.

It is worth mentioning that for weeks the children of the Band Diva They asked for an audit of the company that Rosie runs until now. This petition further opened the gap that already existed in the family clan and pitted nephews against uncles, leading accusations that have filled social networks in recent days.

“I said this and I think that all that was done to make me look for my son, my son fell and hurt me that way, that’s all I can think of,” he said in the interview with the program specialized in celebrities from Mexico with residence in USA. On the other hand, he assured that there are possibly interests in damaging it on the part of Pedro Rivera.

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